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Thanks to our Dedicated and Successful customers DRE / DiSomma Racing Engines has moved to a new larger location as we continue to finish off our shop upgrades where we can handle the work load and do more in house machining and fabricating. Also we've added a Supreflow Engine Dyno, Full head service w/Serdi head machine and more to come.

1522 Sage St.
South Plainfield, NJ 07080.
Phone: 908-75POWER(7-6937)
FAX: 908-757-6938

Welcome to our home page, Our site is under intense construction at the time being and will be released in full as it's nearing completion.
World Class Record Setting High Horsepower engine assembly and build up services from machining to tuning, DiSomma Racing Will Build You The Best

Our website will feature all types of engine services and needs for your racing application:

Our Racing Engine Building Services Range From:

  1. Turbocharged
  2. Supercharged
  3. Nitrous Injection
  4. Naturally Aspirated

Engines Built For A Specific Drag Racing Class:

  1. Pro Modified NHRA / Outlaw
  2. Outlaw 10.5
  3. Heavy Street
  4. Outlaw Drag Radial
  5. X275 Drag Radial
  6. Hi Performance Index Racing and more:

Engine Dyno And Tuning Services

DiSomma Racing offers
  1. Engine Dyno Services off premises and the trusted skills of "Don Baily DCB Enterprises"

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Disomma Racing Engines Hemi Twin Turbo

Anthony Disomma Outlaw 10.5 Mustang

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